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Professional counselling and mental health support in Uxbridge

If you are looking for one-to-one counselling, contact Social Care Appropriate Adult Services Ltd. We care about your well-being and will provide you with a caring and confidential service.

Mental health support for all ages

Social Care Appropriate Adult Services Ltd is located in Stockley Park, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Middlesex. We offer social work also known as floating support services, to adults as well as children for benefit applications and interview services. We primarily work with foster agencies, local authorities, police, and courts. When we receive a referral from any of these organisations, we aim at responding to the referral within 30 minutes of receiving it. We visit police stations and courts and act as appropriate adults and provide a prompt and dedicated service.

We undertake supervision responsibilities and see that the children and adults we supervise are given protection with the help of professional reports and service delivery. Currently, we have staff who have expertise in Health and Social Care, and have been DBS checked to carry out all these important functions with care and sincerity. 

Our project manager is highly skilled in carrying out all aspects of social work, such as appropriate adult duties, curfew monitoring, bail supervision, telephone online survey, social benefit consultancy, social consultation, debts write-off, mental health support and family supervision. We have a starting and disbursal capital of £40,000. The company is insured for £2 million and the staff and visitors are insured for £10 million in the event of any indemnity. We interact with all our care seekers with empathy, strictness and keep their issues confidential at all times. Social Care Appropriate Adult Services Ltd aims to respond to any organisation within 30 minutes of the first call or query. We work with children, young people, and the elderly with special needs. We also provide hospital discharge services and other social management tasks. We are very proficient in the re-calculation of benefits such as the provision of adoption for older people through our floating support. We ensure that their well-being is protected against exploitation.

We attend arranged meetings with social services and put in place decisions that arise out of such meetings. We also take care of the policies laid out in organisational meetings for the well-being of the vulnerable children, young people and elderly people who are under our services. Social Care Appropriate Adult Services Ltd is aimed at 100% service outlay or completion of contracts. We carry out mental health recovery services and Mckenzie friend services on mental health matters. We offer basic life training and computing to help our service users for easier social integration.

We accompany our young care seekers (between 14 to 24 years of age), under court protection or orders, to attend training, so that they don't re-offend again. We carry out all appropriate adult calls promptly and strive to deal with the problem within 30 minutes of the call. At Social Care Appropriate Adult Services Ltd, we are engaged to respond to all queries, and offer our services with profound dedication, passion, empathy and thoroughness. We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

As part of social service management, we also offer home curfew order monitoring services and our prices are in line with the current economic climate and commensurable with our professional services and quality of work. We work with organisations on a contractual basis ranging from 3 months to 5 years. We expect part payment of the agreed upon amount after a month of engagement. No upfront payment is taken, and we only charge after we commence work. The money should be paid to our designated company bank account by BAC or transfer system. 

Social Care Appropriate Adult Services Ltd is a former associate member of Adult Networks (NAAN). Our services are monitored by Association of Holistic Complementary Practitioners. We observe the Care Standard Codes, Ofsted Care Quality Commission and Code of Practice. Our company is an equal opportunity employer and is compliant to Human Rights Obligation, Data Protection Act 1998 and its ethos. Located in Uxbridge, our service area covers London and the surrounding areas.

Our qualified team also carries out transport services for young service users if they want to move from their previous place of residence to a new one. Our staff are polite and patient, and work with dignity. However, we would not tolerate any form of violence, physical assault or potential attack. We work closely with the police as required by law. Our company looks forward to taking up any challenges with any of the organisations keeping in mind our mission statement. We are committed to all anti-social issues, social problems and make sure that we assist meaningfully for the overall success of our services. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust when we deliver our services. We're looking forward to your patronage. 
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Project Manager and Counsillor
Joseph Aneke: NVQ'S, BA, MA, AHCP, VC Law London

Our project manager is a humble, highly educated, responsible gentleman. Joseph has studied Health and Social Care and has a Level 4 diploma. He has a BA (Hons) degree in social science, and an MA degree in European politics, public policy and EU welfarism. He has worked in various social care agencies and his experience is commensurate with 21st-century health and social care demands. He has acquired professional practice certificates in mental health, and related counselling. He has served in various voluntary organisations in responsible roles such as NHS Governor (step-down), Knight of St Columbia and a former school Governor at St Raphael Primary School Northolt Ealing, London until 31st August 2013. He is certified in 'Safeguarding Children and Adults'. He is well versed in all aspects of health and social care institutions. He has also studied advanced health and social care at a managerial level.
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Operation Manager
Ms Constance Aneke: HND Marketing and Foundation degree Level 5 in health and social care

Constance is trained in various health and social care courses including 'Safeguarding Children and Adults'. Her understanding of health and social care policies are profound and authoritative. She is the foundation that holds Social Care Appropriate Adult Services Ltd together and is a very loveable person. She studied at Uxbridge College in Uxbridge and Bucks New University in High Wycombe. Her wisdom in this business is second to none. If you are looking for dedicated care and child and adult supervision services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

HR Manager
John Andrew Best

He oversees internal affairs for staffs and business activities that includes liasing with the organisations and the local councils. 
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