Appropriate adult services in Uxbridge

Social Care Appropriate Adult Services Ltd provides independent support to susceptible adults who, under the Criminal Justice System, need supervision whether as a victim or an alleged offender.
Social Service Management

Expert supervision services for adults and children

Social Care Appropriate Adult Services Ltd is a social service management company, and not a charitable organisation. It was established in Uxbridge on 5th April 2013. As a reputable company, our experienced support workers are highly dedicated, providing services for all the aspects of social management services, especially in appropriate adult services, supervision of children and young persons who have suffered violent or cruel attacks by their parents. Our mission is to give professional assistance to adults and children who (under a court order) seek our care, supervision and other related social management services.

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Our specialist services include

  • Mental health recovery 
  • Assisting with benefit procurements
  • Act as Mckenzie friend at court
  • Hospital discharge services
  • Liaising with all authorities on social matters
  • Home curfew services
  • Children and adult home supervisions (for issues related to abuse)
  • Out and about services for mental health clients
  • Counselling for alcohol and drugs
  • After REHAB discharge home support
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Our qualified team also offers:

  • Appropriate adult services, mainly for legal correspondence and filling of all benefit application forms
  • Private investigation on care abuse and private medication support 
  • Floating support to service users for all appointments and interviews
  • Witness service support for court hearings and related matters
  • Assistance to write off debts based on mental health conditions
To find out further details about our work, please get in touch with us.
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Professional support during tough times

We provide support letters for clients on their mental health and medical situation as allowed by law. We take care of legal correspondence on our clients' behalf to interact with organisations or government establishments with express approval from our service users.

Our aim is to make all our clients benefit from our care and support services. We seek your patronage. If you need our services on a contractual basis, please feel free to discuss your situation with us. All our services are grounded in confidentiality, choice, passion, love and empathy for people in vulnerable situations. 
To find out more about our appropriate adult services in Uxbridge, call us o020 8622 2706

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